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The Tuolumne County Historical Society has a collection of about 30,000 historic photos.  We are in the process of putting these photos online for searching, viewing and purchasing.  We are just beginning so there are close to 3000 photos to view at this time.  We will be continuing to add photos.  Please contact us if you have a certain photo that you would like and it is not yet on our site.  We will research the existence of the photo(s) you are requesting. 

John Shine and Hannah Gibbons

Instructions for Searching the TCHS Photo Collection


How to order photos from the TCHS Photo Collection

  1. Search for the photos desired in the Photo Collection.

  2. Notate the photo number(s) that you would like to purchase.

  3. Go to the Tuolumne County Historical Society Online Store.

  4. A selection of photo options is available.

  5. Select the photo type and enter the photo number where designated on the form.  Place  your order and pay with credit card. 

  6. If you prefer to pay by check you may print out a photo order form and send it with your check to us.  The address is on the form.

  7. Once we receive your online order or your form with your check we will process your order.

  8. You may also come into the History Center and place your order.


Proceed to the TCHS Photo Collection


Email us with questions and requests



Tuolumne County Teachers 1907


1903-04 Sonora Football Team


Memorial Day Parade - May 30, 1898


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